What is Nirmal art

Nirmal, a cultural town in Adilabad, is a world-renowned oil painting center.


Nirmal Painting is a conventional form of art named after the town of Nirmal, where it originally came from. The Nirmal craft could be traced back to the dynasty of ‘Kakatiya.’

The majority of the colors utilized in Nirmal art pieces are taken from nature. The themes used are quite popular, and the canvass has a good-looking finish.

Nirmal Painting Furniture

Nirmal painted furniture thus symbolizes great quality furniture. It is a one-of-a-kind style of handcrafted wooden furniture that is wonderfully painted before being offered to clients.

Classically started and practiced by 14th-century Naqash artists, the Nirmal Art Form is an old culture that has recently translated into making products and paintings from a commonly accessible softwood variety.