What is Warli art

The tribal art with oodles of rustic charm


Warli painting is a style of art. This art is by the tribal people in the (North Sahyadri Range) in India. The Warli tribes live on both sides of Maharashtra and Gujarat’s borders, and they speak an unwritten Warli language that belongs to the southern zone of Indo-Aryan languages.

Some theories suggest these paintings may have been used originally for medicinal purposes when illnesses like rheumatic fever became prevalent amongst communities who had unrestricted access to water resources (due only partly because drinking fresh water causes bacterial growth)


These paintings are done to spread togetherness. Warli Art is based on nature, emphasizing wildlife and nature as a result of its beliefs in the relationship between man and his surroundings.

Scribbled Underline

The paintings are wonderfully painted and often feature themes of human figures involved in activities such as sowing, harvesting, hunting, and dancing. They resemble ancient cave art in execution.

This painting represents Palghat (the marriage god), it often includes a horse toy for bride & groom to use during weddings as well as being sacred without it the marriage doesn’t happen- this shows social/religious aspirations Warlis have.