Tribal Art Of India

What is Aipan Art?

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Aipan art is a ritualistic  art form that originally came from Uttarakhand. This painting is also done on floors, gates, and in puja rooms. It is widely accepted that such an art form invokes divine influence, bringing good fortune and warding off evil. Arpan is a modified version of the word Aipan. “Likhai” is a …

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Nirmal Art

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What is Nirmal Art? Nirmal, a cultural town in Adilabad, is a world-renowned oil painting center. Nirmal Painting is a conventional form of art named after the town of Nirmal, where it originally came from. The Nirmal craft could be traced back to the dynasty of ‘Kakatiya.’ This type of lacquered woodwork has remained popular …

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Warli Art

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The tribal art with oodles of rustic charm What is Warli Art? Warli painting is a style of art. This art is by the tribal people in the (North Sahyadri Range) in India. The Warli tribes live on both sides of Maharashtra and Gujarat’s borders, and they speak an unwritten Warli language that belongs to …

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Mandana Paintings

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Rajasthan is one of the world’s most beautiful locations. The Province is well- known for it’s delicious food, magnificent architectural style, and magnificent dunes that line it’s vast deserts. Rajasthan’s artwork has evolved in the spotlight of it’s rich culture and tradition. Usually, this differs in it’s artistic forms. The art of the state is acknowledged. Mandana …

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Channaptna Toy Art

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What is Channaptna Toy Art? The amazing toys of Channapatna are made with vibrant wooden toys that are unique and can’t found anywhere else. The small village creates a lot of wooden toys that are so distinctive and display the unparalleled talent of the artisans. The location is referred to as the (town of toys) …

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Chittara Art

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Chittara Art is a kind of artwork in which the floors and walls of home entrances are decorated with geometric designs made of clay paste. Ancient cave paintings served as the inspiration for this kind of art, which eventually made its way onto the walls and floors of rural dwellings. Chittara, a word from Kannada, denotes …

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Kavad Art

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What is Kavad art? India is a country with a different cultural heritage. Among the most popular customs is storytelling. Indians have spent generations listening and reading to mythology. Different areas utilize different mediums to tell these stories. The Kavad Art of Rajasthan, although, steals the show. Kavad is a movable wooden shrine having a panel …

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Rogan Paintings Art

Rogan Paintings Art

A four-century-old “Rogan art” is only practiced in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India. Rogan art was nearly extinct until recent times, but one family’s efforts saved it. Castor oil, which is a necessary component of the paint, gives the medium its name. The Persian term “Rogan” implies “oil-based.” Some people think that Rogan art …

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Pattachitra Painting

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What is Pattachitra Painting? Sanskrit gave rise to Pattachitra painting. Patta means fabric and Chitra means image when separated down into its two components. As a result, Pattachitra is a painting on a piece of cloth. This type of art is directly linked to Shri Jagannath’s religion and Puri’s temple traditions. It is among the …

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