Gond Tribal Art:

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Gond Tribal Art is artwork done by the Gond tribe in India. It has its origins in the centre of India, specifically (Madhya Pradesh). It originates in Madhya Pradesh, but it has also been found in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa. The Gonds are India’s biggest tribal population today, and its art is high in value as a cultural treasure, and its complexity needs respect. Gond Tribal Art reflect depictions of the tribe’s lifestyles and ecology, as well as the local animals and surroundings.

Gond Art

History of Gond Tribal Art:

The term (Gond) derives from the word (Kond), which means green hills, the Gond’s homeland. Gond Tribal Art could be dated back to the same time as the Gonds people, about two thousand years ago. The Gond might simply be imitating their forefathers, as rock art dating back to the (Mesolithic Period) has been discovered in the area. Artwork is famous among India’s tribals, particularly the Gond tribe. Gond believes that looking at a good image brings good luck. The Gond used historical marks and designs to design the floors and walls of their homes, and “Gond Tribal Art are also used by the community as a way to share its story.”

Depict Environment:

The paintings also portray the tribe’s beliefs and faith, as well as different mythical creatures and figures from tribal tradition; all of this is a natural element of the artwork. The tribe believes that seeing positive images and displaying them in public places can bring good fortune and positivity. One of the most prominent themes in the artworks is animals. As well as the tribe believes that emotions inhabit all things, making everything beautiful and precious. The paintings include brilliant colors such as yellow, red, and blue, as well as drawn lines and circles to bring images to life. Images are painted with natural colors taken from diverse sources such as stones, flowers, and so on.

Natural Inspiration:

The Gond take inspiration from nature and used great natural elements to depict their ideas. As one of the most recognizable themes in their artwork is plants, birds, creatures and other natural symbols. The Gond reconstruct the past with tremendous mastery of technique and unfathomable detail, from mythical stories and oral traditions to folk tunes, natural landscapes, historical events, and festivals. The majority of Gonds are Hindus, however, some are animists. They believed that everyone in nature, including hills, streams, and creatures, is inhabited by a life force or spirit. These spirits must be revered. During big festivals, the Gonds also have a custom of decorating the floors and walls of their cottages.

Gond Tribal Art

Religious Inspiration:

During Hindu festivals, the Gonds seem to have a custom of painting the floors and walls of their houses. They depict religious and mythological scenes and also natural things. Natural colors were utilized until mass-produced colors were accessible, and the Gond tribe’s painting was rare.

Try to Create Gond Tribal Art:

Among the most appealing aspects of this artwork is its clarity, both in terms of the equipment needed to create the painting. To begin creating a Gond tribal artwork, all you need is a canvas, chart paper or cloth, as well as some basic paints. However, there is amazing intricacy and devotion hidden inside the simplicity. Mud surfaces are frequently decorated with paintings. Pidor, specific mud that is widely available locally, is used to prepare the wall surface for painting.

Painting on Canvas:

Traditional Gond Tribal Artworks are done on canvas rather than on the floors and walls. This ensures that the artworks are not only considerably easier to move, handle, and place on a wall but that they also show out quite than if they had been created on a wall. Due to the paucity of natural colors in today’s world, Gond artists have begun to use synthetic colors. Gond art is very famous as a home decoration. The use of canvas has resulted in considerably more vibrant modernized Gond paintings than their traditional ones.

Painting on Canvas


Gond painters utilize new materials and techniques, and they also beautifully depict current events and issues while remaining true to age-old customs and aesthetics. A Gond artwork can sell for anything from just a few thousand rupees to lakhs, based on the artist’s skill and the materials used. Its Artists are no more unknown. They have established themselves in the worldwide art world with their particular artistic styles.

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